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Speaking of Names...

Coming up with a name is tough, finding a great one is even tougher... and if it's for a commercial product, it turns into a real ordeal!

As always the first thing to consider is the target audience; you need a name that's understandable and ideally sparks curiosity. It should sound good when said aloud and, of course, be easy to remember.

Then there's a big debate between two schools of thought: those who prefer to create new fanciful names, and those like me who think that a name should be the shortest possible summary and instantly convey what it's all about.

In 2011, I released my second mobile video game called "Pizza Puzzle" and even years later I still think the name was perfect; it involved a match-3 concept where players gathered ingredients to create pizzas!

Fun Fact: Do you know why are Pearl Jam called that?
Eddie Vedder (the singer) once said the name came from his grandmother Pearl, who was married to a Native American and knew the recipe for a Jam made with peyote!!!

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Share to hype or NDA?

In every programmer's life, there's a recurring question constantly asked by pals and acquaintances:

"I have a brilliant idea for an app, but please, promise not to steal it if I tell you!"

Typically, the level of concern is inversely proportional to the person's computer skills , but this article isn't about teasing my friends; it's about the immediate consideration that follows: is it wiser to keep a project under wraps or disclose it to as many people as possible?

At first glance, one might be inclined to respond, "It depends on your business," right? Wrong! The mind-blowing answer is "both at the same time!"

While it's obviously essential to keep certain mechanics that would benefit your competitors secret, it's equally crucial to slowly cook your audience, building up the hype and interest. A treasure hunt, where clues are revealed and shown little by little until reaching the finish line: the product release.

Could this article be the first clue of a new treasure hunt?

#PMI #blog #Viverna 2024-03-22 My certifications

PMI Certifications

Among professionals, certifications are extremely important, in my opinion even more so than academic degrees. Once you step out of the realm of amateurism, simply knowing about a subject is no longer sufficient; you need to master the best practices within that field.

It's self-evident that the prestige of a certification is inherently tied to the prestige of the certifying body. In my sector, the absolute pinnacle of excellence on a global scale is represented by the Project Management Institute.

One of the perks extended to members within the organization is the access to a generative artificial intelligence known as "PMI Infinity." This GenAI has undergone training incorporating all pertinent information and documents related to the field, resulting in remarkably precise output.

I then asked Infinity to provide me with the list of the primary PMI certifications ordered by difficulty in obtaining them. Wanna see the response?

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Video Shorts

Generational gaps are a thing, despite having a dynamic mindset. Look at me: an early Millennial born in 1981. There are certain formats of media aimed at Gen Z that I really struggle to get on board with.

TV broadcasting was totally aimed at a boomer crowd, Blockbuster home videos targeted Gen X, and video on demand was clearly meant for me and my peers. And then came the social media video shorts... When I first saw them I thought they were a stretch, like a video version of tweets, but the truth is I was wrong. And it took me months to get it.

Only now, since I've started using them, I do realize how powerful they are.

Communication has become lightning fast: information needs to be bite-sized. I need to thoroughly explore this format even in my Zero Player Project on the Viverna Marble Run video series!

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AB Testing matters

For regulars of my blog, you should know by now: my expertise lies mainly in the technical and managerial realms, but if there's one thing that truly captivates me, it's design; it feeds my creative side like nothing else.

Every designer's forbidden dream is to be so influential that any idea they sketch becomes trending. Unfortunately, in reality, we're faced with the harsh truth that what really matters is what resonates with your target audience, not just with you.

Understanding preferences isn't an exact science, and we've got a handy technique called AB Testing to help us out. Simply put, we compare two versions (A and B) with a control group (such as different game modes in my recent videos) to see which achieves better results, like gaining subscribers or increasing average view time.

Based on my last 3 videos, can you tell what I've AB-Tested?

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Viverna Marble Run
Battle Royale!

We left off with the question: what's on the next sprint?
Let's see if you're on the mark.

To ensure user satisfaction, I've introduced a fresh gaming experience: Battle Royale. What is it? Check out the video, everything's explained there!

I also realized that the applause were a bit excessive and starting to bother the viewers, so I scaled them back. Boosting the engagement is definitely business value.

Ultimately, the most likely future for this project is to become a game for public release, so I've decided to invest time in reworking some classes in the programming code to make them more reusable and streamline future development.

Quite captivating, isn't it? Dive into the video for further details and please do share your feedback!

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