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Word Nom Nom
Released October 2021 on iOS, Android and WebGL

A binge of letters!

Word Nom Nom is the yummiest and most addictively fun word game around. A truly fan favorite among players of all ages!

Slide to score words by selecting adjacent letter hexagons.

Green tiles must reach the bottom of the board in order to level up, while red ones burn the hexagon below every time a word is scored.

Tiles on the board come from a virtual letter pouch, when no more will be available you'll get a new set automatically.

Got stuck by an annoying "Q"? No problem, just drink the magic potion to shuffle your board and get a brand new one with a random set of letters! ;)

As you advance to higher levels, scoring a short words will speed up the spawning of red tiles; you know: "When the going gets tough, the tough get to play!"

Play "Word Nom Nom" now to enjoy an amazing casual game you are gonna love.

Pssst! If your score is too low, try cheating by playing with a friend, a relative, a partner, a cat, a goldfish... !!!
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