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Drabidiboo is a turn-based strategy game of prediction with a strong meta component, containing a large set of Pets to collect and use to build up your team.

Learn to play in 30 seconds!
A match is played by 2 players on a board of 10x10 tiles, locally against the AI or via internet with a random opponent.
Each player must form a team of 4 Pets; to keep the game balanced, each Pet has a cost (crystals) and both players can spend only a given amount of them to form the team.

You win if you own more Star Gems than your opponent when the last one is collected.
You lose if each of your pets faint.
Win and loss conditions are always evaluated at the end of the turn.

The match is made up of rounds. A round has 2 phases: DECLARE and RESOLVE.
During the declare phase, you must give an order to each of your Pets. Simultaneously your opponent will do the same.

PLEASE NOTE: you don't know what your opponent is about to declare and vice versa. This is a game of prediction!
(You can declare an order using the Pet cards that surround the board)
You are blue. Your opponent is red.

During an order you can declare:
  • when to act (last / first)
  • where to go (movement)
  • to turn or not (rotation)
  • what to do (action)

Of course, you can also decide to skip one or all of these commands if you want your Pet to stand still. ;)

That's all! Now you have all the info you need to play a match.

Good luck! :)

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