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I am Morgan Vitale

This is Viverna, my Indie Game Development hub.
Here I connect my projects about the video games I make and the Apps I am about to release.

Morgan Vitale - Character card

About me

I have been a software engineer since 2002, an indie producer since 2010 and a game designer for my whole life.

I love what I do, shaping software is a digital art and it truly brings out my passion and creativity.

I am based in Rome (Italy), the city where I was born. I enjoy traveling a lot and I try to do it as much as I can.

I like to consider myself a cosmopolitan, a technology enthusiast and extremely curious about everything.

My Skills

While working for other companies the job title that suits me best is Project Manager or Lead Developer, whereas producing my own projects it would be more accurate to define my position as Indie Producer: it's a complex role that requires both breadth and depth of technical knowledge as well as management skills.

It involves understanding which idea is worth to get realized and which project is worth to fund; but also pillar skills like marketing, coding, UI/UX and game design.

I am also a grand master coder with more than 20 years of experience. I am well versed in several programming languages including C#, Swift, ObjC, C++ and JavaScript.

Videogames Portfolio

These are the games I proudly produced since 2010:

  • "Word Nom Nom" - iOS, Android, WebGL
  • "Quile" - iOS, Android, WebGL
  • "Moker Tour" - iOS, Android, WebGL
  • "Drabidiboo" - Win10, macOS
  • "Tortis" - iOS
  • "Moker" - iOS
  • "Game Teller" - iPad
  • "Diabolicus" - iPhone
  • "VRG Love Test" - iPhone
  • "iDanilo" - iPhone
  • "Sunny Italian Beach" - iOS
  • "Pizza Puzzle HD" - iPad
  • "Pizza Puzzle" - iPhone
  • "Loot the Spook" - iPad
To read more about them (or even play them online right now in your browser) please navigate the card menu of this website (on the left). :)

Apps Portfolio

These are the apps I worked with in my professional journey. For some of them I have been the tech leader or the producer, for others I just had a different role, but regardless my partecipation I feel very lucky I had the opportunity to gave them my contribution.

  • "Viafree" - iOS and tvOS
  • "Viasport" - iOS
  • "BNL - Educational Point" - iOS
  • "J3DI" - iPhone
  • "Face Smash" - AR Social Network for iPhone
  • "WoW" - iPhone
  • "S4Y" - iPhone
  • "Better - Lottomatica" - iPhone
  • "Zurich Connect - Save as you drive" - iPhone
  • "Telecom Italia CuboVision Remote Control" - iPhone
  • "CNH" - iPad
  • "Banca Fideuram" - iPad
  • "Smart Life" - Universit√† di Tor Vergata - iPad and Android
  • "Interfit" - Trelleborg - iPad, Android and Win RT 8
  • "iProcto" - iPad
  • "TTT" - Trelleborg - iPad and Sharepoint portal
  • "Portale dell'automobilista" - iPhone
  • "PostePay" - iPhone and iPad
  • "WidKit" - iPad
  • "TMI" - Trelleborg - iPad
  • "DPO" - Telecom - Sharepoint
  • "QualiCal" - iPhone and iPad
  • "i-iTaly" - New York Italian Embassy - iPhone
  • "DPS" - iPhone
  • "Meyer" - iPad
  • "KEye" - iPad
  • "Mobile POS" - Ingenico - iPhone
  • "Sharepoint portal and App iPad (reporting) for Telecom
  • "Box Office" - Rai Cinema - iPad
  • "APMS" - Ministero della Difesa - iPad
  • "Aeroporto dei Parchi" - iPad