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I'm Morgan Vitale

This is Viverna, the Gaming hub you're gonna love!

Here you'll find my blog, clever puzzles, fun facts and of course news about my videogames! ;)

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AB Testing matters

For regulars of my blog, you should know by now: my expertise lies mainly in the technical and managerial realms, but if there's one thing that truly captivates me, it's design; it feeds my creative side like nothing else.

Every designer's forbidden dream is to be so influential that any idea they sketch becomes trending. Unfortunately, in reality, we're faced with the harsh truth that what really matters is what resonates with your target audience, not just with you.

Understanding preferences isn't an exact science, and we've got a handy technique called AB Testing to help us out. Simply put, we compare two versions (A and B) with a control group (such as different game modes in my recent videos) to see which achieves better results, like gaining subscribers or increasing average view time.

Based on my last 3 videos, can you tell what I've AB-Tested?

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Viverna Marble Run
Battle Royale!

We left off with the question: what's on the next sprint?
Let's see if you're on the mark.

To ensure user satisfaction, I've introduced a fresh gaming experience: Battle Royale. What is it? Check out the video, everything's explained there!

I also realized that the applause were a bit excessive and starting to bother the viewers, so I scaled them back. Boosting the engagement is definitely business value.

Ultimately, the most likely future for this project is to become a game for public release, so I've decided to invest time in reworking some classes in the programming code to make them more reusable and streamline future development.

Quite captivating, isn't it? Dive into the video for further details and please do share your feedback!

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Value-Centric Planning

Let's keep it simple: a project is essentially something done at some point in time to achieve a specific outcome.

No matter which life cycle or approach you go with, the main goal remains the same: delivering business value.

However, perspectives on what constitutes value can vary significantly. Drawing from my experience, I generally classify it into three main categories: user satisfaction, business impact, and developer efficiency.

A well-rounded and effective sprint should then include elements that are easily recognizable and appreciated by the user, components that drive business progress, and aspects that enhance the production chain.

Following the recent MVP release of my zero-player project "Viverna Marble Run", can you predict the objectives for the upcoming sprint based on the strategy I've just outlined?

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Viverna Marble Run
Concept MVP

Getting straight to the point here: creating a game is a real challenge, it's actually much more demanding than developing a regular app or software.

Once you've got that initial idea brewing, the crucial first step is shaping a concept. This gives you a bird's-eye view of what you're aiming for, helping you gauge if the game is as enjoyable as you envisioned. This preliminary version is often referred to as the MVP, your Minimum Viable Product.

A solid one should strip down to the bare essentials, focusing solely on core game mechanics with just one distinctive feature. The catch? It needs to be whipped up in three weeks or less.

Picture it like a slice of cake - it's got all the layers and ingredients, but just in a compact, concentrated form.

Remember my latest project, the zero-player game? Well, the concept MVP is officially in the bag! Check it out, drop a comment, and stay tuned for all the upcoming updates!

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A game with no players

In the theory of game design there is a concept that, even though it might sound extreme, is indeed very popular. I'm 100% sure you've already encountered it without recognizing it; I'm talking about zero-player games.

If you're wondering, 'What on earth is it?' well it's exactly how it sounds: it's a game that has no player.

To be precise, there are players, usually a lot of them, but they are differently referred to: they are spectators.

The target audience is officially termed 'popcorn gamers' and this genre manifests in various forms: sports games (such as tennis or football), pachinko and slot machines (where, although players insert coins, the core game mechanics involve watching), esports, speedrun videos, and the list goes on.

I'm highly interested in exploring this genre; in fact, I'm currently developing a concept MVP. We'll delve deeper into the topic throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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The Devilish Sprite's Riddle

The Sun shines brightly on an enchanting afternoon of June, and you find yourself succumbing to the embrace of a slumberous haze.

Nestled beneath the whimsical shade of a majestic willow tree, in that realm where you can't discern whether you are sleeping or awake, you meet the gaze of a devilish sprite, emanating an aura of wickedness.

You, insolent adventurer, dare to sleep beneath my companion tree?!? Guess the Monster I'm thinking of, or your soul will be mine... FOREVER!

The monster is " ... "

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