About me

I have been a software engineer since 2002, an indie producer since 2010 and a game designer for my whole life.

I love what I do, shaping software is a digital art and it truly brings out my passion and creativity.

I am based in Rome (Italy), the city where I was born. I enjoy traveling a lot and I try to do it as much as I can.

I like to consider myself a cosmopolitan, a technology enthusiast and extremely curious about everything.

My Skills

The job title that suits me best is Executive Producer; it's a complex role that requires both breadth and depth of technical knowledge as well as management skills.

I am also a grand master coder with almost 20 years of experience. I am well versed in several programming languages including C++, C#, Swift, ObjC, Basic and HTML.

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Drabidiboo: Combat Pets

Is a turn-based strategy game of prediction with a strong meta component, containing a large set of Pets to collect and use to build up your team.

Two players compete to gather the most gems on a 10x10 board. The moves and actions are all declared simultaneously so outsmarting the opponent is key; attack, defend or use the board layout to your advantage.

Wishlist now on Steam

Tortis Word Search

Tortis is a casual multiplayer game, based on the brain teaser mechanics of "Word Search". Play to relax, challenge your friends or face random opponents.

Released March 2016


Moker, is poker with a physics engine! Enjoy this funny casual game and discover how many coin types are available! Try the classic "Jacks or Better" or the amazing "Deuces Wild".

Released November 2015


When the Devil is bored, he kills time tormenting the souls of poor App Developers! Let's defeat him at its own game, trying to prevent the soul from falling into Hell's Fire!

Released April 2014


"Keep in fit with Danilo!", the irreverent personal trainer Danilo will help to keep you fit and strong with funny games and special physical exercises for your fingers.

Released January 2012

VRG Love Test

"How do I know if my partner is the right one for me?" is a question everyone asked once in their life.
This App will answer with fun and hilarity.

No longer available

Sunny Italian Beach

Choose your beach and get ready for the bather's invasion! Beach towel, freak activities and all the best of the Italian sun for spending a day in the summer at any time!

Released August 2011

Pizza Puzzle HD

Beat your friends cooking pizzas in this tasty multiplayer and multitouch application for iPad. New HD graphics, Co-op play and battle mode also available.

Released July 2011

Pizza Puzzle

Cook the largest number of pizzas in 90 seconds, using the available ingredients on the board. Be fast and creative to become the best pizza maker!!

Released July 2011

Loot the Spook

In the Enchanted Castle of Viverna there's a hidden legendary treasure of untold value watched by a scary Ghost keeper.
Will you be the first to find it?

Released April 2011