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#indieDev #blog #Viverna 2022-12-18

Dev Blog
AI generated images in videogaming

Last week I attended a cool webinar hosted by ABK about art and animations in videogames industry, and I seized the opportunity to get in touch with dozen of talented digital artists.

Surfing on their social feeds I got aware of a recent debate I had no idea was going on; long story short, many illustrators are complaining about the new trend of using AI generated images in videogaming.

Through the centuries it always happened that a category of professionals got worried about a losing their job by new upcoming technology, but in my opinion this is not the case.

AI generated graphics should be seen like a tool and not like a competitor; hybridization of both the techniques might have amazing results!

I hope nobody gets offended, but I've a strong progressist mindset and I embrace the Barney Stinson's mantra: "new is always better". Cheers!

#videogame #blog #Viverna 2022-12-08

Dev Blog
The emergence of 5G in mobile gaming

Yes, yes, I know... I always say "my generation here" "my generation there" but just keep it straight and ignore the nostalgia factor.

Nowadays kids enjoy their smartphones with the same posture we had while playing Tetris on our white-brick-shaped Gameboy and it's not a coincidence.

We didn't realized it yet but we were the early adopters of a revolution: adding the portable component to videogaming actually brought us the Mobile era.

The point is we are about to make another huge leap forward in gaming history with the mass adoption of 5G technology and having a superfast supercheap internet connection as a standard will radically change our concept of entertainment.

I'm very excited about this upcoming trend, are you too?

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Update 1.1 - What's new?
  • Green tiles spawn distance has been increased
  • Shuffling potions are now collected from the board and can be stored through levels
  • Special tiles (Azure and Blue)
  • Difficulty ramp lowered (level up)
  • Tiles GFX has been improved
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#videogame #blog #Viverna 2022-10-12

Dev Blog
How to plan an unplannable plan

In a videogame production, after the initiation of the project and the definition of its concept, it comes the planning step where you are supposed to translate in epics and tasks the stuff that will be done in development.

But real life is very different from theoretical planning and you're gonna face several sudden complications!

In our help it comes a pattern stolen from the Agile methodology called Progressive Elaboration: it is the practice of further refining requirements as the project progresses.

Typically within an Agile project requirements are fully refined for the work in the current sprint, but with this different approch they are completely elaborated just when the sprint closes and a new one opens.

It might looks like losing control but it's all the opposite indeed; it is a very fast and solid way to solve unplannable plans!

#videogame #blog #Viverna 2022-10-03 Watch my plays of the game

Gaming Blog
So long Overwatch, goodbye old friend!

Overwatch is an unconventional FPS released by Blizzard in 2016 that looks like a cartoon, seems to have arcade gameplay, would like to be an e-sport ... but it's none of these stuff.

Despite the very gruff introduction it has been a great product, actually one of the game I played most in my life.

Today Overwatch retires to make room for its sequel and it will not be possible to ever play it again.

I feel sad, excited and perplexed in the same time for this event. Core gameplay has been shake up to justify a new aggressive business model but it could be a good opportunity to revamp a legacy brand.

Let's play Overwatch 2 together, join now Viverna's Discord

#videogame #blog #Viverna 2022-09-17

Gaming Blog
31 years long wait for Monkey III... is it too much?

Call me romantic if you dare, but the physical gesture of putting a floppy disk in the reader with that peculiar sound that comes after makes to me the same effect of vynil's white noise for a veteran jazz player.

That is the way I played last episode of Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island, one of the best videogame ever made in the history of humankind.

I know, after MI2: LeChuck's Revenge they tried to release more games, but the original author left the team and the result was a completely different product barely enjoyable.

Tomorrow, after 31 years, it's going to be released Return to Monkey Island the true 3rd episode sequel.

No more floppy disks, now the world floats on clouds. Is it going to be a worthy heir or just a nostalgic marketing operation?

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