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Dev Blog
Lights Bakery

Ciao Gamers! The development of my latest game is proceeding tailwind!

It has a 3d engine and since this is gonna be a tablet/mobile videogame, I'm spending a lot of effort in optimization to save your batteries without losing quality.

A common best practice while working on illumination is light baking: the precalculation of highlights and shadows for static elements on a scene. The info are stored in a lightmap so the renderer knows where to make a model lighter or darker, creating the illusion of light.

Which of the following terms actually refers to "illumination" in videogames?

#indiedev #blog #Viverna 2022-05-18

Dev Blog
I changed God's background!

Hey Gamers! Time to pick the color palette and googling here and there I landed on Michelangelo's masterpiece.

The colors he selected for God are stunning!

I tought: "I must use them in my new game" but the inspector kept giving me a brown for the background so I customly changed it to red...

Will I have trouble in the Judgment Night for changing God's background?

#gamingVademecum #blog #Viverna 2022-05-03

Gaming Vademecum
Carte Italiane

Each country has its own cards set, everybody knows the French one used in Poker but you MUST absolutely check the Italian cards because they are amazing!

The Carte Italiane have been around since 14th century, back in the days Italy was composed of many smaller independent states which led to the development of various regional patterns of playing cards.

Suits used are pretty unique: swords (spade), cups (coppe), gold coins (denari) and clubs (bastoni).

Each of them has 10 cards: numbers from one to seven AND three face cards: the fante (Knave), cavallo (Knight), and re (King). For a total of 40 cards in the deck.

Spoiler alert! My next game will use this set! Cheers!

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Update 1.1 - What's new?
  • Green tiles spawn distance has been increased
  • Shuffling potions are now collected from the board and can be stored through levels
  • Special tiles (Azure and Blue)
  • Difficulty ramp lowered (level up)
  • Tiles GFX has been improved
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#blog #Viverna 2022-04-23

Everything begins with a coffee

Hey gamers, how's things?

Last month I had to take care of some stuff that required all my attention and I opted for an early spring break... from social networks!

Damn real life! It always keep us away from our virtuality!

I've a couple of good idea I'd love to talk about with you; you know, new videogames that deserved to be developed.

Reach me out on Discord, let's enjoy a remote-together-espresso.

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Gaming Vademecum

Roguelike is a subgenre of rpg videogames characterized by a dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels, turn-based gameplay, grid-based movement, and permanent death of the player character.

Its name comes from the 1980's videgame Rogue but it became very popular and mainstream only a decade ago.

Which of the following games is a "roguelike"?

#youMightNotKnow #quickQuiz 2022-02-07 Solution

You might not know...
Space Invaders

In 1978 Tomohiro Nishikado developed in Japan Space Invaders: the highest-grossing entertainment product at the time and the highest-grossing video game of all time.

It gave a massive contribute to the expansion of gaming industry and in the 80s it became the first killer app, not just for arcade cabinets but also for home video game consoles.

Here we have some curiosities, can you guess which are true?

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